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Bicycle Day @ Meow Wolf Denver

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  • Date:April 19 2024
  • Location:Meow Wolf, Denver
  • Event type:Special Event
  • Organizer:Portal / Propeller / SPOTLAB

About the Event

Portal (Partnership of Responsible Trippers Advocating for Legalization) began as one of many cause verticals that one of our favorite partners, Propeller, supported through their platform. After a very successful first Portal event at Temple Denver last year for the MAPS Psychedelic Science after-party our gears were turning on where to take it next.

SPOTLAB was brought in to handle vendor and artist coordination, top to bottom production management, and creative direction. The plan was set into action to create a psychedelic membership club with access to exclusive events and a variety of other perks. We decided Bicycle Day, the day Albert Hofmann discovered the mystical properties of LSD, was the perfect date to launch the Portal membership. We wanted to have a highly discoverable atmosphere with no shortage of surprises, and with only a month and a half of planning time we got to work. 

We quickly settled on Convergence Station (Meow Wolf) in Denver and got to work connecting with local musicians, artists, non-profits, and sponsors. All in all we put together a roster of 110 contributors to the event. With 6 stages placed in unique and discoverable locations the music was on point and diverse all night. 

The Numina stage blended between the rock formations and mystical lighting, with 3 floors of catwalks over the dance floor offering a very unique perspective to watch favorites like Ry X, Swaylo, and Boreta flow on the decks.

The Eemia stage hosted live instrument sound healings and a special ambient set from Vivian Koch. Another sound healing environment was built into the blue tile sound spa with otherworldly echoes of gongs and digeridoos.

Secret stages were nestled into the winding halls and rooms of Meow Wolf, including one that was located directly outside of the elevator so guests were immediately dropped onto a dance floor upon arrival into the exhibit.

The event sold out with over 1,000 attendees and new Portal members. Members will have the opportunity to access our monthly events in Denver which begin in June (6/6/24) and will occur on "Portal Days" (7/7,8/8,9/9, you get the idea).

If you're interested in Portal follow us at @youaretheportal or visit the website here.

All of these amazing photos courtesy of the extraordinary Jason Myers / @Memorandum_Media

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