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  • Date:March 17, 2023
  • Location:Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff AZ
  • Event type:Production Support
  • Organizer:Culture Shock

About the Event

Inzo brought his face melting Earth Magic Tour to Flagstaff along with Rome in Silver, Align, and a special B2B from SPOTLAB co-founders Jared (Periphery) and Robbie (VICEVERSA). 

SPOTLAB was brought in by MNIFST Management to provide 2 video walls, 10 Clay Paky Sharpys, C02 cannons and a myriad of RGB LED bars. The show also had 4x 22W lasers all masterfully programmed by Antic Studios. 

The show was a massive success with over 500 people on the dancefloor and incredible visuals and sounds.

Event Location